Corporate Services

Corporate Services

!. Marketing Research

Organizational development is moved by globalization, free market economies, and increased global competition. We at Gate Management Consult know how to help grow your business and are focused on helping developing innovative strategies for our clients through Market Consulting, Growth Workshops, Customer Research, Market Research, Corporate Training, Analyst Briefings, and Growth Partnership Services. If your business is interested in firm growth, we have what it takes to recommend to, achieve that growth.

Business improving is success. Fast-growing businesses are more interesting to work with, attract more investors, and get the most favorable media coverage, Most especially to help SMEs to make it to the top. Gate Management Consult is here to help your business grow. This is a quick guide to give you some ideas on how to maximize the value you will get from integrating Gate Management Consult Growth Partnership Services into your business strategy.

If you are serious about accelerating the growth of your company, then we want to coach you on how to optimally integrate your time and energy into this growth stimulation process. A small amount of your focused time is all that is needed to make a huge impact on the growth of your firm and the success of this partnership.

!. Project Management Consulting

Gate Management Consult is a professional project management consulting firm in Ghana and Nigeria with knowledge and experience in assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program and portfolio management. The areas Gate Management Consult focus on also include the supporting, scheduling, executing, monitoring and evaluation and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to facilitate  the implementation of an organizations’ strategy and the achievement of business results.

!. Health and Safety at work training

With the view of providing world class occupational health and safety training as well as effective and effective delivery of your worker.

Occupational health and safety is relevant to all branches of industry, business and commerce including traditional industries, information technology companies, schools, leisure facilities and offices.  There are many obstacles to the achievement of good standards. The pressure of production or performance targets, financial constraints and the complexity of the organisation are typical examples of such obstacles. However, there are some powerful, incentives for organisations to strive for high health and safety standards. Health and safety in the workplace is an important corporate responsibility issue.

We are well aware that mining, construction, leisure, been highly risky business, companies are positioning themselves in line with world best practices to avoid the microscopic eye of the governmental agencies, by periodically training their workforces in occupational health and safety practices. With much, our intensive safety training program schedule for your workers and managers, the continuous safety and the success of your enterprises is well assured.

Under the occupational health and safety Act, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. Governmental agencies like Ghana Labour Commission’s and Environment Protection Agency’s role is to ensure these conditions for Ghana’s working men and women by setting and enforcing standards, and for that matter Gate Management Consult providing training, education and assistance. We are all on the journey of continuous improvement at gate management consult we believe the world-class safety is a journey, not a destination. The journey to safety excellence is a process of continuous improvement. In gate management consult, you have trusted partner on your journey every step of the way. Investing in safety is a sound business decision. Even company with great safety record have opportunity for further progress and improvement, this is because there is no destination in safety journey. Incredible progress has being in work has being in work place safety in Ghana but much work remains.

Even if your employees are not on field as part of their job – the costs of an accident can really add up! Just imaging lost work time, healthcare costs and at worse – a preventable death. Whether your chief responsibility is employee safety, compliance or wellness, Gate Management Consult has the training programs, tools and resources to ensure success of your organisation.

!. Customer Service Consultancy

‘’It is not employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.’’ – Henry Ford

We’re a Mystery Shipping, Customer Feedback, Brand Audit, Brand Research, Performance Consulting and Training provider with a comprehensive focus on achieving greatness through excellence.  We have developed relationship with our clients in open and integrative ways and react with flexibility to their changing needs.

Gate Management Consult pops out from other customer service consulting firms with our innovative programs which include a look at all customer touch points. We deliver the actionable analysis and information when and how our clients need it in order to make strategic business decisions that will keep and grow customers, as well as attract new ones. As a customer service consulting firm, Gate Management Consult is committed to help our clients with intellectual, resourceful solutions to give them the advantage necessary to contend in today’s fast-moving markets. We come to you – our clients – with qualified skilled people in a consultative approach and cutting-edge technologies to deliver a unique distinctive package and relevant services.

!. Project work consultancy

Are you a final year student, doing your  PHD, Second Degree, First Degree or HND? In a race against clock, you know getting a project done is usually about speed and working hard to deliver the efficiently and as effectively as possible your final project work to your authorities. However, sometimes time would not allow. We’d reuse bits and pieces from older works, checking and double-checking for any references to the previous project. While the adrenaline helped, the rush gets old because you know that, deep down, you cannot do the work and to large extent your best work. Besides, you don’t even know if you’re going to meet the deadline, which leads to cheap replica rolex the next pain that’s not graduating at end. Why not talk to us, to write new project work, checking your references, proof reading, selection of project topic, analysis of project data, chapter by chapter reviewing, and recommendation to meet you supervisor’s expectation and above good grade for you graduation. At Gate Management Consult we make time for working professional and students work who don’t have time.